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I need text

Boost your brand with custom written text, tailor-made for your brand. Short or long copy for social media, blogposts or in depth articles.  

I need images

Homemade images, moving or static, specially made for you! How about a looped video, or GIFs to post with your article or (blog)posts?  

I need both

Beautiful content as original as you! Combining unique text and images for an autonomous end result which makes your brand stand out. 

This is Tess

And she thinks you’re extraordinary!
You (or your brand) have distinctive characteristics that deserve to be seen. It’s what makes you, you and it’s what makes you different from anybody else! Finding and giving shape to this uniqueness is what she loves most, so you can stand out and be proud of them.

Through copy and images her creativity sees the light of day. During her bachelor’s programme Art, Communication & Design she learned conceptual thinking and working with various mediums. Being observational, explorative and imaginative herself, her results are always one-of-a-kind and often playful.



Studio Tess Steijvers


Studio Tess Disco Didn't Die


10.000 Mirrors and a lot of patience. That's what this heart-shaped disco ball consists of. This huge object was made for band Disco Didn't Die and shines during their live performances.

Studio Tess The Walk

The Walk

Snip snip! These sixteen collages tell a story about a walk through life. The path we choose, the help we get along the way and the obstacles we might face. From childhood to our latest stages.

Studio Tess


Ever played the Eskimo lottery?
You have to be Inuit to win it.
Animation made of moving photographs with drawn elements.


“I had the privilege of working with Tess during Bewogen Verzen (Moving Verses), the video poetry project of the Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw and Poëziecentrum, Ghent. Tess has visualized a poem by Toon Tellegen in an attractive and professional way. Each time I meet Tess, I notice her enthusiastic and open attitude, and the desire to challenge herself. Tess truly is a pleasant person to work with.”
Tom Christiaens
Coordinator The Low Countries
"Tess made an animation for Dielissen Desserts, an artisan pastry company. With this animation we pitched our pastry and desserts to a large theme park. Tess mixed the corporate identity of our company and the theme park in this animation.
Not only did our products look stunning, it was quite effective: we got to the next pitch-round, which was exactly what we wanted!"
Jules van den Oever
Jules van den Oever
Salesmanager Dielissen Desserts

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